Presentation of TRAINEE at ICGET conference, Rome, Italy

Renewable energy and use of renewable energy sources (RES) is seen as part of the appropriate response to the global concerns for energy efficiency and greener world leading to a rapid increase in demand for renewable energy specialists who are able to design, install and maintain such systems. There are very few initiatives for more systematic approach for designing educational programs and developing curricula for training for designers and installers of RES systems in buildings. This especially refers to developing separate occupational standards, recognized by the national qualification frameworks, which will ensure formal validation of developed qualifications.
At the International conference of Green Energy technologies held from 16-18 July 2019 in Rome, Italy, TRAINEE project presented a paperthat provide a model for training courses for designers and installers of small-scale renewable energy systems in buildings. This model is based on the experience of TRAINEE project, which had the aim to implement training courses for designers and installers of RES systems in buildings, piloted in the frame of Knowledge and skills managemnet centre during june and july 2019.