Inititing BIM at national level – first step towards digitisation of constuction industry

To make the transition to a competitive energy system, EU is trying to address a number of challenges. The Energy Challenge is designed to support the transition to a reliable, sustainable and competitive energy system. As part of the program for Energy efficiency, within the European program “Horizon 2020” runs the implementation of the project “Toward market-based skills for sustainable energy efficient construction – TRAINEE”, as an initiative for capacity building and improving the skills of building professionals – architects, engineers and workers in the construction sector with the objective to prepare our country in the field of qualification and further qualification of the construction workers and construction professionals.
Following the governments and public procurers across Europe and around the world who are recognizing the value of BIM as a strategic enabler for cost, quality and policy goals, TRAINEE project will arrange wide action for introduction and promotion of the application of the building information modeling as one of the requests of the new public procurement rules of the European Commission in the construction field, via initiating a comprehensive action for raising the awareness of all stakeholders in the construction sector (construction companies, engineers, architects, workers) and of the investors and relevant governmental institutions, as well as the end users of the facilities, through a series of activities, workshops, seminars and other promotional events. The aim is to show the energy savings that are a result of implementation of energy efficiency measures and measure performance gap of projected and as built building, through application of BIM tools.