BIM for builders and contractors

Code of training: BIM3

Duration: 40 hours

General prerequisites are to:

  • Have faculty degree in engineering
  • Have high understanding in the need for digitization of management processes
  • Be able to understand the need and concept of transfer to BIM
  • Understand the concept of functioning of engineering firm
  • Age above 18 years

Тhe vision of this module is automated project and facility management environment integrated across all phases of the facility life cycle. Such an integrated environment could enable all project partners and project functions to interconnect—instantly and securely—all operations and systems. This will drastically reduce the time and cost of planning, design, and construction.

The goal of this training course is:

  • understanding Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a cooperative working method
  • ability to capture and administer information that is relevant for the life-cycle of a building and
  • enabling transparent communication and information transfer between all persons involved in the process.