Activity module: Market recognition

Formal education and training systems are not the only ways in which people develop skills. In many cases, this happens through informal or non-formal learning or people acquire them outside the country in which they work. Employers may not easily recognize skills attained this way, and individuals possessing such uncertified skills are at a disadvantage while finding a job, progressing in their careers or securing a wage increase. The fact that these skills are invisible magnifies the challenge of skills under-utilization and mismatch, and contributes to higher unemployment, poverty and inequality.

In order to act as accelerator in raising skills value, K&S centre work on:

    • Creation of Database/Register of certified trainers and certified workers and their involvement in the activities of the Centre, through their presentation to the training providers as qualified workforce for EE construction skills and RPL
    • Publication of Catalogue of training offer
    • Organization of working meetings with NQF for definition of best approaches for successful market recognition of EE construction skills
    • Promotional events for present the findings from POE and case studies from implementing innovative aproaches
    • Memorandums for recognition and collaboration with relevant market actors