BIM for industry and manufacturers (on-line training)

Code of training: BIM4

Duration: 15 hours


There are no pre-requisites for attending this course. However, an involvement in procurement, manufacturing or other part of value chain of construction is recommended.
Age above 18 years


This course will focus on the sector’s ability to complete a design from site survey or existing asset to the assessment through design, construction drawings, operations & maintenance and into permitting and commissioning.
It provides to any stakeholder of the life cycle of construction from an owner to a designer, from contractor to installer with a comprehensive understanding of BIM design. These skills are essential to transform the value chain agents to cancel the gap between simulation and reality.

The objective of the module is to:

  • present what BIM is
  • how to implement it
  • what tools are necessary (hardware, software and systems)
  • how this new methodology will contribute to transforming the way of projecting, building and maintaining buildings and infrastructures.