BIM for practitioners: engineers, architects and technicians

Code of training: BIM1

Duration: 40 hours


General prerequisites are to:

  • Be an engineer or student in faculty of engineering
  • Be able to understand the main concept of the need of transfer to BIM
  • Has the minimum concept about the engineering firm
    Age above 18 years


The curriculum of the program focuses on the development of fundamental Building Information Modeling – BIM skills for architects and engineers and problem-solving strategies to reduce the gap between designed and actual energy performance of buidings.

The content of training will include:

  • introduction to the theory of BIM (Technology and interoperability, the role of the stakeholders, information technology and system requirements, BIM Contracts)
  • development of skills (Introduction to Modelling, surveying, project sample, construction management)
  • energy performance (Theory of energy performance, solar systems, thermal bridges).